Friday, April 11, 2008

"Man Accused of Using Dirty Syringe To Rob 14-Year-Old Girl"

It's a shame they have to offend in the first place, but, if they must, I suppose it's a good thing when they are clumsy and not too bright so the police can catch them right away.


Investigators say Juan A. Mendez approached a 14-year-old girl on Hildebrand Road with a knife and dirty syringe. The girl claims Mendez threatened to stab her if she didn't give him her purse.

The girl ran to a nearby apartment complex for help after turning over her handbag, which contained $40.

Police say Mendez ran off and tried to scale a tall fence. But the accused robber's pants got stuck on the sharp posts at the top of the fence and trapped him hanging upside down.

He was easy pickings after that.


Kels said...

LOL! I love when justice is served... especially when the offender is humiliated in the process! ;-)

Albatross said...

Your justice is served.

Dave said...

Sweet. I've always assumed this type of thing happens, I just hadn't read about it as an actual news item.

What a dumbass.