Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Talking wild about the wild cats

What's stranger than people confusing bobcats and mountain lions?

The San Antonio Lightning's take on the situation.

It sounds very much like a late night monster movie.

An unknown animal is spotted by security personnel as it roams an abandoned Air Force base. [Brooks AFB hasn't been abandoned; it's been redeveloped as Brooks City-Base, and it is thriving.]

Security immediately sends out a warning.

A mystery has begun! [Not really. It's evidently a cat of some kind.]

John Carpenter or Stephen King can to [sic] take over from here.


It is not unusual for wild animals to be spotted in South Texas, particularly with the growing urban sprawl that encroaches on natural habitats.

Alligators, bears, and sundry big cats [!] have caused a stir in San Antonio and nearby areas during the past few years.


Meanwhile, the Brooks City Base "Beast" remains at large, and unidentified.

It is, indeed, a mystery. [I bet it's a cat.]

Persons with knowledge of this critter are asked to contact The Lightning.

It's probably--oh, never mind.

UPDATE: OK, I will give it to the Lightning. As strange as the above blockquote is, apparently the Web site has uncovered what I speculated: it was a house cat.

Fred L May III, Chief Executive Officer at Brooks Development Authority Security Office now admits that video of an 'unknown" animal actually does exist, despite denials from his office earlier this week.

An alert was sent by way of email claiming the animal was a mountain lion.(See stories below.)

According to May vast "amounts of money" have been spent investigating the unknown animal sighted at the former San Antonio Air Force Base. He wouldn't say how much.

A second email was sent that same day, claiming the beast was 'unknown." Now May is threatening legal and governmental action against the Lightning and its sources, for the release of new, leaked information, posted directly below, which claims the animal was actually a large house cat.



Kels said...

It's a CHUPACABRA!!!!!!! :-D

Dave said...

Beat me to it...