Sunday, April 20, 2008

Unconventional abodes

Remember all the fuss about Seymour Perkins, the man whose home is a haven for crime and whose neighbors want it torn down? Well, Dave from Silver Creek 78250 reports on a home in his area that his neighbors wanted torn down. Nothing too odd there, but, as Dave reports, the method of construction was somewhat unconventional.
Some folks attempted to build a house in the neighborhood and stopped before it was complete. Hood rats made their way into the empty dwelling and commenced to tag things up, smoke the chronic and pork one another without regard for paying taxes or meeting the minimal requirements of the deed restrictions of our HOA. Following a year of bureaucracy, it was on the owners to tear down the house. We learned that the owners had built a cement frickin' house, roof included. WTF? I get cement floors and cement walls, but cement ceilings and roofs?

Haw! That's strange.

Oh, Dave has pictures, too.

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