Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Downtown Doctor Dies While Working With Patient"

KSAT-12 reports on the death of a beloved doctor.

SAN ANTONIO -- A well-loved doctor passed away Tuesday working as he had many times before -- treating a patient.

Guillermo Marcos was attending to one of the patients in his office near downtown when he suffered a heart attack.

Marcos was known for giving food, medicine, disposable diapers and other items his patients were unable to afford, including medical care. When patients would ask why he didn't move his business to the city's northside, he would respond with his sense of community, one patient said.

Sounds like Marcos was a great guy. It's a little odd that he died while in the act of making someone else better, but it seems he went out of this world doing what he loved most.

I'm sure he will be missed immensely.


Anonymous said...

He was my family's doctor since I was 3 years old. I'm 29 now, he was a very good person. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Although the short period of time I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Marcos, I admire his spirit, his deep intelligence, his disinterested care for the community, his profound love for his family, his culture and his profound admiration for his daughter that I share.

Samuel Gutierrez

Anonymous said...

Dr. Marcos rounded at the hospital that I work at and he was loved by all the staff. He always poked fun at my "tangerine" colored stethescope. The last time I saw him he said I should get shoes to match!! We will miss him.


Anonymous said...

It is so sad, I feel like a relative died! He cared so much and was the best Dr my kids and i ever had. He could remeber things I told him and his treatments to me and my kids without even looking at the charts! He was and is very loved, and now missed by many people!

Anonymous said...

Willie was a fine doctor. One of a kind. I'll never forgot when he was so worried about how his elderly patient was going to get home after being discharged from the Emergency room. He told me... Just call me when she is ready to go home... I will take care of it and tell her not to worry about the prescriptions she gets. Wow!!! One of a kind. I will never forget him.

Unknown said...

We love and miss you so much Dr. Marcos.