Thursday, April 03, 2008

Church and basketball

The Final Four is in town, and, to give a little local flavor to the news reporting, WOAI talks about a local church that has been doing basketball for almost one hundred years.

St. Mark's Episcopal Church founded San Antonio's first church basketball team back in 1911.

A man by the name of Arthur Muir was the coach. In 1956, the church added stained glass windows honoring Muir's devotion to the church and his team.

St. Mark's is downtown on Pecan Street. Here's a picture from WOAI of some of that stained glass.

WOAI original photo


Anonymous said...

The stained glass window honoring Muir is very nice. Good to know that the church is encouraging sports like basketball. Thanks for sharing the image.

Anonymous said...

I have been to St. Mark's, the church in the article, and it is a lovely place full of wonderful people. If you are in town you should go visit this church on a Sunday.

Anonymous said...

This church is really old and is beautiful. What a cool group of people to invite the final 4 fans!