Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Eyewear pitchman Yuchnitz dead"

Remember a few years ago when local salesman-of-cheap-eyeglasses and all 'round character Mike Yuchnitz was charged with conspiring to kill his wife? Well, he's gonna miss his trial.

He has died.
Michael Yuchnitz, 60, was found in the parking lot of the InTown Suites in the 6400 block of Bandera Road after he apparently collapsed in a slightly hidden area between a car and some landscaping, said Leon Valley Police Chief Randall Wallace.

"It was in a position where you had to walk very closely to see (him)," Wallace added.

A maintenance man discovered Yuchnitz's body as he did his usual rounds at the extended stay hotel, Wallace said. Yuchnitz was unresponsive.

There was no trauma and police said the death appeared to be a natural.

Whether or not you will miss him, the fact remains that no one in this town has ever pulled off a red Nehru jacket and matching fedora quite like Yuchnitz di--- ... OK, never mind. He didn't pull it off either.