Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Getting your mail

Remember when that United States Postal Service truck crashed on its way to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago? I had wondered at the time whether any of that mail was meant for me and was all burnt up now.

Well, Dave at Silver Creek 78250 had some mail on that truck. And it was meant for him, and the Post Office got it through! It's a little crispy and smoky, but the mail finally came.

Check his post for a story and a picture.


Kels said...

My Dad works for a benefit society and deals with investments/loans... they had a check payment that made it through! Unfortunately all that was not scorched was the address it was going to and the monetary amount section was burned up...! lol And, my Mom had to call Sprint today because her bill never came, and should've been here soon after that truck fire... WEIRD! I really thought the worst we'd suffer from that fire was less junk mail!

Albatross said...

Now I'm nervous. I'd better double check to see if any expected bills are MIA.