Thursday, April 03, 2008

Three-wheeled cars return

Remember the ZAP cars, environmentally friendly electric cars with just three wheels and such a beautiful appearance? The Northeast Herald reports that they are making an appearance at the Live Oak Civic Center this weekend, April 4 and 5.

LIVE OAK — There’s more to “green” than Al Gore, and this weekend’s “Go Green ExpoWorkshop Cinema” sets out to prove it.

Ever driven a ZAP (zero air pollution) car or truck? Wonder about the feasibility of rainwater collection? Why is the U.S. military looking into aspects of “going green?”

These answers and more will be available Friday and Saturday at the Live Oak Civic Center, as Green enthusiasts, curious onlookers and Metrocom residents tiring of $3-plus – and possibly soon-to-be $4 – gas prices take a deeper look at energy-conscious and energy-saving methods of construction, transportation and conservation. Admission is free to the public.

In case you forgot what the cars look like, here you go:

Photo from the Herald.

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