Monday, April 21, 2008

Seymour Perkins update

Looks like Seymour Perkins will keep his house for a while longer, according to KSAT-12:

SAN ANTONIO -- Both sides in a man's fight to prevent the city from demolishing his home can claim a small victory after a judge's ruling Monday.

Judge Andy Mireles ruled Monday morning that while Seymour Perkins' case did not merit a new trial, the city will not be able to tear down Perkins' eastside home until his attorneys can appeal Monday's ruling.

Mireles denied the motion asking for a new trial, but ordered the demolition stayed until Perkins' attorneys complete their appeals.

Who wants to wager on whether or not that house will actually come down? I'm starting to think it won't until after Perkins has passed on.


Dave said...

I'd say you are probably correct on this. What started out as a media war against him, turned to people feeling sorry for the guy.

Lucky for him, he didn't opt for the cement roof.

In the end, I suspect someone will hook him up with a Mi Casa Make-over or something like that, and maybe they can divert the hookers and drug dealers to a neighbor with less visibility.

Albatross said...

From the pictures I've seen, that house just might bankrupt a remodeler.