Monday, April 07, 2008

Moderating comments

I have turned comment moderation on.

It isn't because of anything inappropriate, it's simply because I discovered that people were commenting on older posts. I don't check all of the old posts on a regular basis, so I was missing some of the comments people were leaving, and I wanted to get a chance to read some of those and possibly respond. With moderation, I will now get notified when someone stops by and says something.

Thanks for all the comments.


Dave said...

You know, there is an option to have the comments sent to your e-mail address without moderating. That's how I catch the spammers and the people who comment on stuff I wrote last year. Just a thought.

Albatross said...

Actually, I have it set up both ways. Hopefully I will catch them now.

Kels said...

Considering how many posts you have, it's probably a good idea... I know that I sometimes go to peoples' older posts and comment on them... at least I'm not a BLOG LURKER, tho!

Albatross said...

Oh, Dave, now I see what you mean. I missed that field before since it is way at the bottom of the settings page. Moderation is now off.