Thursday, April 03, 2008

Kissing pigs

The Northwest Weekly reports on an annual event that involves pigs and lips.

An annual rite of spring at Village Parkway Christian School, pig-kissing fever sweeps over the campus like a virus, infecting teachers and students alike.

Every year, a teacher at the school, selected on the basis of her class’ successful fundraising for a chosen charity, very happily puckers up for a pig. Dubbed the “Pig Queen,” the chosen candidate performs his or her sworn smackaroo at the end of a half-hour ceremony in which most of the students – and even some parents - participate with pageantry, pomp and pig-themed poetry. The fifth/sixth-grade teacher Robin Schmidt opened the ceremonies swathed in regal robes, and the ensuing procession included royal pages bearing the queen’s crown and bouquet on pink-piggy pillows and a cadre of youthful subjects brandishing sparkling pig-topped scepters.

Post-crowning, sitting upon her regal throne before her loyal subjects (many of them in handmade pig-face paper crowns, this year’s pig queen, Pre-K teacher Gay Duncan, was in the pink – sporting a fuchsia-feather boa, a straw hat topped by a plush-velvet crown with a straw-hat brim and rubber boots to complement the farm theme of the ceremony.

I wonder if the royal banquet was held here.

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