Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mayoral candidates for 2009

Remember Diane Cibrian, the rookie councilwoman whose claim to fame so far is shooting down a planned strip club?

Now, as KSAT-12 reports, she wants to be our mayor.

Diane Cibrian, councilwoman for District 8, said Wednesday she was exploring a candidacy for mayor, which will be an open seat in the 2009 city election.

"I really believe that we need to continue the economic prosperity of the city of San Antonio, and I have been humbled and proud to be a part of city government, led by our mayor Phil Hardberger, who has worked hard, and we have moved this city forward," she said.

That's just what we need, her style of "economic prosperity."


Anonymous said...

Well, there is another 'smell test' issue now. Red McCombs wants to close Greatview Street at I10. We suspect it is to enlarge his car dealership. McCombs and involved attorney Kaufman are sponsors for CW Cibrian's bid for mayor. She will be one of the council voting to deny or approve.

shelovestea said...

Red McCombs has their hands in almost every Republican candidate here in San Antonio. Thanks for the info, though not suprised :(