Friday, March 23, 2007

"Woman's Body Discovered in the Middle of Highway 90"

The body was literally in the middle of the highway, but tucked between some barriers in such a way that no one noticed it was there. Until the smell.


Street sweepers found the woman along Highway 90 near General Hudnell on the west side. The body was directly hidden right in the middle of the east and westbound lanes of traffic.


"Some street sweeper people from the state were out here clearing the side of the highway," added Sgt. [John] Bocko. "They noticed a strong smell. And when they looked inside this area right here they saw what appeared to be a dead body."

What remains a mystery right now is how the woman got to this bizarre spot in the middle of the highway.

It's a strange story, and I bet there's a lot more that they will find out in the investigation.

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