Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Homeowner Wounds Alleged Shooter Returning For Cell Phone"

Wow. This is one brash criminal. But, ulitmately, not too bright. After he and his buddy threatened some people in their home -- and then got scared away -- this guy and his friend have the strange gumption to return and demand his phone!


The woman's father was able to scare the men away but they fired several shots at the home, the woman said.

In the process of making their getaway, one of the men happened to drop his cell phone.

The woman said the men later knocked on the door and demanded the homeowner return the lost cell phone.

And, what did he get for his trouble? Shot.

This time, the woman's father answered the door armed with a shotgun, the woman said.

The men ran and the homeowner fired his shotgun, the woman said.

Pellets from the shotgun grazed one of the men's face, the woman said.

Now, after running from the cops and getting caught flushing drugs down a toilet, the two men have some charges pending against them.

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