Sunday, March 25, 2007

"San Antonio River cleanup uncovers an explosive box"

During the annual cleanup of the San Antonio River, a strange, explosive item was found.

From the Express-News:

Jerry Rowry was careful Saturday morning to troll for any unpleasant surprises that could lurk along the banks of the San Antonio River for the 13th annual Basura Bash.


But he wasn't expecting to find a metal box with protruding wires that turned out to be a commercial blasting cap used to detonate explosives. Though not quite a bomb, the contraption nonetheless posed a danger.

One girl, however, wasn't very worried. That's because the professionals seemed to be keeping their cool.

"She thinks it's a hoax," said Susie Gutierrez, a volunteer.

The relaxed demeanor of emergency responders comforted the girl, who refused to give her name or age for fear her mother would get mad at her for lingering near the blasting cap.

"They're not swarming the place in Jedi outfits," she scoffed. "Storm troopers, I mean."

Though Jedis would be more than adequate to deal with a blasting cap, no?

But, don't worry about the find, turistas. That part of the river is pretty far downstream from the River Walk.

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