Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A burning pile of mulch XVI

The bickering has started again.


SAN ANTONIO -- A second water war erupted Wednesday over the Helotes mulch fire, but this time San Antonio Water System and the state's environmental agency are in the fray.

TCEQ wants to extinguish an underground fire by putting water on what remains of the smoldering pile that has burned since Christmas.

However, SAWS found fecal coliform and fluid from decaying material in at least five nearby private wells.

SAWS official[s] said they want to prevent more contamination and keep their original agreement by squelching the blaze in clay-lined pits instead of directly hosing the pile.


The local and state agencies will continue trying to come to some sort of agreement with SAWS.

In fact, a SAWS team was at the site late Wednesday afternoon for a tour, so both sides are still talking, trying to reach an agreement on how to finish the job without contaminating the Edwards Aquifer.

Just do it soon, for everyone's sake.

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