Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Mystery surrounding children's death grows"

The Express-News has more on the situation where the bodies of two babies were found under a house. The mother and her boyfriend are now on the run, and the police want to find them, though a relative almost got them first.

Wednesday night, Miguel Lopez had them in his sights, he said. The moment was propitious — both [Tina] Vara and Miguel Lopez had vowed to help police find their sister [the babies' mother] so she can be questioned about the deaths.


Miguel Lopez had driven to his father's South Side apartment around 9 p.m. Wednesday to take his dad to a rosary for the slain children. When he arrived, he said, he saw [Jerry] Salazar trying to enter the apartment through a window.

Salazar ran for the Buick and jumped into the back seat with Valerie Lopez, Miguel Lopez said. Somebody else was driving, a man whom Miguel Lopez did not recognize.

The Buick sped off, ran red lights and swerved onto U.S. 90 before exiting and turning back toward downtown, eventually stopping at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital, he said. A woman emerged from the car and ran inside, and the Buick screeched off again.

Miguel Lopez followed it onto Interstate 35, traveling at speeds of up to 100 mph, he said. But traffic was too thick; he lost the car.

I hope Valerie Lopez and Jerry Salazar are found soon. If they had anything to do with the deaths of their babies, they are a danger to all children they may come into contact with (her previous two children were taken away from her). They need to be brought to justice, though I suspect they might be in Mexico by now.

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