Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Couple Finds Large Boa Under Pickup Truck Hood"

Snakes under a truck hood are definitely strange.


SAN ANTONIO -- A Comal County woman said her husband found a South American Boa Constrictor under the hood of her pickup truck last Friday.

Ron Gulledge found the nearly 7-foot-long boa coiled underneath the hood of the family truck while trying to jumpstart their riding lawnmower.

Betty Gulledge said Ron saw the large snake when she asked him to clean out the dry leaves under the truck hood.

Dry leaves that need cleaning out from under a truck hood are strange, too. Although, I guess parking a vehicle under a live oak tree in the spring time will result in a large amount of leaves on said vehicle. Maybe it's not that strange to need to clean out leaves from under a hood.

The presence of the snake is still strange, though.

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