Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Pipe Bomb Found Near Botanical Gardens"

Finding a pipe bomb is, sadly enough, not that strange. It happens from time to time across the United States. But, what is strange, is what the discoverer of the bomb did when he found it.


SAN ANTONIO -- A man found a pipe bomb Wednesday afternoon near the San Antonio Botanical Gardens, police said.

The man noticed the white, 6-inch device, with a green fuse lying on Lucas Street near his mini van, police said.

He picked it up, put it in his van, and called police. [emphasis added]

That doesn't sound like a particularly smart thing to do. Except for the calling the police part, that is.

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Anonymous said...

that was my roomate I lived at 216 lucas and rey wasnt stupid but brave for picking that bomb up thusly protecting the children of the neighborhood the kids play out side the apt buildings on 216 lucas and he picked that bomb up and took to it a house he knew to be empty because his mom was at work and there is no across the st neighbor and only the botacnical gardens then called the police rey should be celibrated he did this on 1 broken and 1 brused leg from an attack a week earlier by men with bats he stood up then and was beaten for 3 mins with bats all 4'11" 100lbs of him so they came back with a bomb and he thought of the kids not himself