Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Update: San Antonio Principal Fails Test 37th Time"

If you needed to take a test in order to keep your job, and you just failed it for the 37th time, would you feel a nice, warm sense of job security (knowing you weren't fired the first 36 times)?


Smith Elementary principal Elizabeth Rojas took the state exam required for her job again just a few weeks ago. The day after we revealed she had already failed it 36 times, more than any other educator in the state.

Rojas told the Trouble Shooters, "I go into the testing situation feeling the anxiety of...throwing up, nervousness."

Her test score is in and Rojas has failed again, for the 37th time. San Antonio ISD declined to comment on her latest attempt.

I have nothing else to add.


Rolly said...

I would like to know 1)how long she has been at that school, 2)how long she has been the principal.

Bear said...

I just heard about this story and was wondering what had happened since it was first reported. I thought I'd heard about a 38th time and possibly her getting another job in administrative offices. Any followup?