Thursday, March 29, 2007

"Man Allegedly Steals Fish From Church"

At first glance, I thought the headline from this KSAT-TV story promised to tell of aquarium pilfering. But then, I remembered that this is the Lenten season, and it made more sense. Still, the man's motivations seem a bit odd.

SAN ANTONIO -- Seguin police said they arrested a man who they accuse of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of fish and seafood from a Catholic church.

Police said Patrick Vaughn, 38, stole $800 worth of cod, catfish, and shrimp from Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic church last week.

Police said Vaughn tried to sell the fish on the streets.

Be careful of what you buy from some guy on the streets. It could be stolen food from a church planning for a fish fry.

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