Friday, August 01, 2008

"Neighbors Angry at CPS Energy's Plans"

Here's a classic example of NIMBYism, which is not so strange in and of itself. But I find it odd to see the extremes people will claim to go to just to avoid certain developments near their property, as WOAI reports:

CPS Energy has plans to build an energy substation on land right behind a local neighborhood. But homeowners in the area told News 4 they're furious about those plans.

Dozens of neighbors on the west side say they were kept in the dark about the plans. They say CPS Energy kept that vital information from them when they were buying homes. Many added they wouldn't have even bought their houses if they had known CPS Energy's plans.


CPS Energy says the substation needs to be moved because it's in a flood plain and that could cause power outages if the area flooded.

But people in the area say power outages have not been a problem. One homeowner even added that he'd rather be in the dark for days than deal with the substation. [emphasis added]

So, people need a basic utility, but some of them don't want the infrastructure anywhere near them. And they claim they would rather do without the basic utility simply to have a decent view around their house -- in a big city. That may make sense to some people, but it seems strange to me.

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AlanDP said...

Not just strange, but stupid. If you live in a city, especially a large one, you will have to give up some things in return for the "convenience."

These NIMBY-ites strike me as nothing but hypocrites.