Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Agreeing on how the Alamo should be portrayed?

KSAT-12 reports on a plan to merge the City of San Antonio's three police departments. Originally separate city departments, now the Park Police and Airport Police will fall under the SAPD umbrella.

SAN ANTONIO -- A proposed compromise between three police organizations is being hailed as win-win by many people in all three departments.

The compromise, part of an amendment expected to be voted on Wednesday by both Park and Airport police, would allow for the departments to operate and exist on their own as separate divisions under the San Antonio Police Department and Chief Bill McManus.

This is not strange. In fact, it's probably a pretty good move to consolidate the forces, and the president of the Park Police officers' association likes the job security this plan offers. What is strange is the fact that the three police departments just couldn't seem to agree on what the Alamo -- that quintessential symbol of San Antonio -- should look like on their patches.

Look at this graphic from KSAT that shows all three of the patches.

As you can see, we have three police patches that are essentially similar in design (purposely so, I would imagine) but with different representations of the Alamo. That's weird, and I can't imagine why a graphic designer (assuming there was only one) would go to so much trouble to make the patches look so similar but with such varying looks to the central image. Especially one as documented and as photographed as the Alamo! Maybe another good thing that comes out of this merger will be a consistent police patch.

For the record, here is what the Alamo really looks like.


Dave said...

The chief of park police is retired SAPD - a double dipper I assume. How will they figure that out - all the officers working on a second career?

Once they get that and the other issues (like patch consistency) figured out, it'll be a good thing.

Up next, one county, one school district, one superintendent!

Albatross said...

Wow. That's a tall order. The proliferation of our local school districts is almost mind-boggling. I don't think I can name all of them that operate in Bexar County without checking a source.

But, here goes, off the top of my head:

San Antonio
South San
Alamo Heights
East Central

I know I've missed something.

Albatross said...

Oh yeah! I forgot the military bases!

Fort Sam
Lackland ?

AlanDP said...

I used to wonder why I always saw Park Police driving around where there weren't any parks nearby. Then one day while I was working I saw one taking some pictures and talking to people who lived on the street where I was. There was a small grassy island at the mouth of a cul-de-sac that someone had dumped a bunch of garbage on. So apparently that tiny island is considered a "park."