Thursday, August 21, 2008

People who don't seem to think like the rest of us

There are some sadly strange people out there, and they live among us. [Both stories from WOAI-TV]

"Dog Left Stuck In Air Vent"

He was stuck in an air vent reportedly for a week or more before a Good Samaritan called the city pound to report the problem.

Animal Care Services responded and rescued the dog. Apparently, the people who lived in the house knew he was in the vent but refused get him out or ask for help.

"Mom Accused of Trying To Sell Young Daughters For Sex"

Earlier this week, federal agents picked up 25-year-old Jennifer Richards and her boyfriend Sean Block.

Federal court documents say an informant tipped off the F.B.I. after getting a text message from Block that said his girlfriend had a 5-year-old she wanted to sell. After some phone calls, federal agents say Richards sent pictures of both daughters to the informant.



Dave said...


Two cases of folks who need a good bullet to the head. (Following due course of a fair trial and appeals as needed to confirm guilt.)

Kels said...

I heard the second one on the news last night and was absolutely appalled! Now reading this about the dog just irks me even more...! I've said before, it's just hard for me to understand how people can treat animals like that when I regard my animals as family members... children, even. There's too much hatred and evil in this world...

Anonymous said...

There are angels and demons all around us! So sad to realize that not everyone can be good samaritans.