Monday, August 25, 2008

"Man Attended Church Mass Before Going To Nearby School With Gun"

It almost sounds as if he was seeking absolution before the act.

WOAI-TV has the story.

Police said the man, 46-year-old Anthony Sarabia, was spotted at St. Matthew's School early Monday, with a gun, knives and a baseball bat.

School hadn't started yet, but about a dozen children were at an early morning athletic practice. The children's parents called police, who had to use a taser to arrest the man.

Sarabia showed up at the 6 a.m. mass at St. Matthew's Church. No one at the church or the school had ever seen him before.

"Really, we hadn't begun our school day yet, so most of the children don't know what happened," said St. Matthew's School Principal Alvin Caro.

Police said after mass, Sarabia walked over to the baseball field where about 10 to 15 students were finishing up cross-country practice. The children's parents were the first to notice Sarabia.

I wonder if he had his bat with him in church. If so, didn't anyone notice? That would be odd enough for me to start paying attention.

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Kels said...

Or, ya know... the guns and knives? lol

This is definitely one of the strangest things I've read on Strange in San Antonio... and also scary with the shootings that have occurred during church services in the past few years...