Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Someone who should have thought a little more

If you think a tattoo parlor owner is sleeping with your wife, and you want to get back at him, take some time to think about it before you start trying to burn things down. You might end up dead. And wrong.

From Robert Crowe at the Express-News:

Police are trying to determine why a man killed by a tattoo parlor owner threw a Molotov cocktail into the shop early this morning before the owner blasted him in the neck with a shotgun.

Police say Shawn Degan, the owner of Perfection Tattoos at 3507 Blanco Road, shot and killed Ricky Davis Jr. about 2:35 a.m. in front of the business.

Degan was sleeping inside his shop, police said, when he heard breaking glass at the front window. He looked outside and saw a man going to a car. The man returned with a Molotov cocktail and tossed the burning object inside the broken window.

Degan retrieved a shotgun and fired toward the suspect, police said, later identified as Davis, 29.


Investigators familiar with the case, however, think Davis may have been motivated by a different type of jealousy. Davis, said one source, thought the tattoo shop owner was sleeping with his wife.

Degan, however, may not have been the guy Davis was looking for, and his tattoo shop may have been the wrong business.

Witnesses have told investigators that Davis was out drinking with friends when he started to talk angrily about a tattoo artist he suspected of sleeping with his wife or ex-wife. That is apparently why he drove to Perfection Tattoo at about 2 a.m., broke a window then threw the Molotov cocktail inside, sources said.

Drink and cocktails are a bad mix.


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That is stupid!

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He was told to meet there by the guy messing with his wife