Friday, August 29, 2008

"Mayor of one town, city manager of another"

Well, I suppose it could happen. Often there's no requirement that employees of a city government must actually live in that city, and I guess they could run for public office elsewhere.

Zeke MacCormack at the Express-News has the story.

After offering the Castroville city administrator’s job to the winning applicant in June — who died soon afterwards — and then restarting its search, the city council there changed gears this week, offering the post to Joe Painter, who has done the job on an interim basis since late 2006.

Painter, who in May was elected mayor of Live Oak, where he’d earlier been city manager, accepted the Castroville offer, made by a unanimous vote Monday.

Castroville is west of San Antonio. Live Oak is a northeastern suburb. That's a pretty hefty commute right through the heart of San Antonio, and it's bound to wear on a guy, what with city managing, mayoring, and what have you.

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Kels said...

Well, that's sorta odd... Does he collect on his mileage???

Anonymous said...

That's not fair. . Something's not right..