Friday, August 15, 2008

"Las Mariposas Closed For Good, Says Property Owner"

Goodbye, butterfly.

SAN ANTONIO -- Talk of a controversial west side restaurant's reopening have been greatly exaggerated, said the property owner where Las Mariposas once operated.

Benjamin Leal said a restaurant will occupy the building at the intersection of Trinity and Guadalupe when it reopens on Sept. 1, but it won't be the Mexican restaurant mired in seductive memories.

Leal said the owner of the cafe, Miriam Luna, is working on another project, but that it wouldn't be Las Mariposas in its previous location. Leal said he is still trying to meet the city's requirements to get his certificate of occupancy returned.


"It's going to be a family restaurant," he said. "That's what I want."

Lourdes Galvan must be happy.

ODDNESS: Previous owners of this place have been named as Fernando de Leon and Marion Luna. Though I can see how Miriam can be mistaken as Marion, where did Benjamin Leal come in to all this? And who's Fernando?

UPDATED: Oops. Looking back, I now see that I made a mistake on the previous post linked under "ODDNESS". Fernando de Leon apparently works for the City of San Antonio's Development Services Department. Benjamin Leal seems to own the building. and Miriam Luna is the one that leased the space and opened the restaurant with waitresses that danced sexily and got Councilwoman Galvan all worked up.

Whew! I hope I've got everything straight now.

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Kels said...

LOL... But who is Fernando, really? ;-) I kid, I kid!