Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Boobie Rock, Landowner In Legal Fight"

Here's the latest on the Boobie Rock soap opera, from KSAT-12:

SAN ANTONIO -- The potential owners of a strip club forced to alter its proposed location because of deed restrictions are fighting with the landowners to recoup some of their losses.

An ownership group originally planned to open Boobie Rock near the intersection of Huebner Road along the access road of Interstate 10, but their plans were rebuffed when deed restrictions on the property prevented the operation of a gentlemen's club -- a fact the ownership group said was not relayed to them by the landowners as they drew up the agreement.

The owners of the strip club said they have spent more than $200,000 to get their business running and are countersuing the landowner, who filed suit seeking rent payments.

What this story fails to mention is that this whole thing was brought on by the priggish theatrics of Diane Cibrian, councilwoman for San Antonio's District 8. She deserves the credit and the blame for this legal fight.

If you are thinking of opening any new business in this town that is even remotely sexy, watch out for City Council. They'll take you down.


Dave said...

I'd ask the Boobie Rock Operators to ask Ms Cibrian her stance on the big wiener in her district.

Jason said...

Love your blog, Mr. Grieg. You're on the vanguard here in SA, that's for sure.
We added a link to "Strange in S.A." to our new neighborhood blog,
and we'll forward anything strange that turns up around here...

Albatross said...

Thanks, Jason. I will appreciate any hat tips you might give me. And I look forward to watching your Roosevelt Park blog develop.

By the way, my handle is actually Albatross. I have the picture of Edvard Grieg up there simply to give a distinguished air to this humble blog.

Kels said...

I think you like using the "Boobie Rock" tag for your posts... LOL

Albatross said...

Yes, and I think the media enjoys it just as much. :-)

Norman said...

Honestly, I think Boobie Rock is a terrible name. I much prefer "Boobiepalooza".

Hey - I know it's a random comment, but I just found this blog & wanted to throw in my 2 cents