Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A promo gone wrong

Or right, depending on what your point of view is.

KSAT-12 reports:

SAN ANTONIO -- A promotional campaign for an upcoming movie prompted the evacuation of one local television station and some anxious moments across the city.

San Antonio police, along with the fire department and the bomb squad, were called to KENS-TV at 5400 Fredericksburg Road Tuesday morning after a viral marketing campaign item was delivered to the station to promote "The Dark Knight." The building was evacuated for a brief time as bomb squad officials investigated the cake's contents.


The cake, also delivered to KSAT 12, was delivered in a white box and had a cell phone charger coming out the bottom of a cake with a hollow center. Attached to the cable was a cell phone inside a plastic bag that contained promotional materials for the upcoming film.


The fire department's arson bureau opted not to file charges in the case, but suggested to Santikos [Theaters] officials they re-think further promotional campaigns.

Yeah, the fire department doesn't like to make unnecessary calls.

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Kels said...

The viral marketing campaign probably should've been smart enough to realize that with the various terrorist scares... this probably wasn't the best way to go. The concept is cool in concept... but if it can't be executed well, it doesn't matter how cool it seems...

I wonder if they could've been held liable had there been a really big emergency that the SAFD/SAPD were detained from because of their stunt...?