Monday, July 21, 2008

Getting my mail!

Back in April, Dave at Silver Creek 78250 reported on some mail he had received that was a little toasty. It seems a United States Postal Truck had crashed on its way to San Antonio and had burned. They tried to save as many pieces of mail that they could, and Dave had gotten some a couple of weeks later. See his original post for how the mail looked. [Here's my original post linking to his.]

At the time, I commented on Dave's post with this:
Hah! I remember that USPS truck crash, and I wondered at the time if any of my mail had been on board. It's good to see the Post Office trying to make sure you get your mail, even if it is a little damaged.
Well, it turns out some of my mail was indeed on that truck. And it finally got here today! Here is a picture of my burnt Social Security statement.

A little damaged, but still useful. Thanks Mr. Mailman.


Dave said...

Hey! So there is hope that I may also receive a letter from Ed McMahon informing me that I'm a millionaire. I figured they had delivered all the burnt and watered down stuff a while back.

Albatross said...

It looks like there's still some of that mail floating around out there. Maybe it's in a pile somewhere, and the postal workers are just getting around to going through it whenever they have some spare time. In any case, you should have heard me whoop when my wife handed that thing to me! It was almost like I was Navin Johnson when the new phone book arrives.

Kels said...

Wow... well, we never got our Sprint bill that was due around that time... I suppose it wasn't salvagable.

Kels said...

LOL I just saw your Navin Johnson anecdote... "THE NEW PHONE BOOK IS HERE! THE NEW PHONE BOOK IS HERE!!! I'm SOMEBODY!!!" Only second to the "He hates these cans!" part... ;)