Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"City Group Considering Plastic Shopping Bag Ban"

Ban plastic bags?

KSAT reports:

The city has formed an environmental policy citizens' committee to look into the possiblity of banning plastic bags, said District 7 Councilman Justin Rodriguez.

"You go by any creek or Woodlawn Lake (and) you see them in there," he said. "They fly all over the place."

Many local stores already carry reusable bags, and some researchers estimated the taxpayer money spent on landfills and litter abatement adds up to about 20 cents per plastic bag used.

So what are dog owners supposed to use to pick up their pets' poops? Reusable bags?

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Kels said...

When stores started having canvas bags available to buy (and not cheaply, I might add!) I said something to my mom about it being smarter for stores to set up a system where shoppers *knowingly* pay like, $.03/$.05 per bag... but give them an option to cash them back in... that way people probably wouldn't just throw them away as much... because that's money they're throwing away. If you think about it, if you come home with 10-20 bags of groceries each shopping trip, that eventually would add up... plus, this may cut down on crappy bagging AND customers who insist people double (or even TRIPLE... yes, I used to work at HEB and there was someone that had me TRIPLE BAG EVERYTHING!!!) bag their items.