Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Woman Stabs Sleeping Husband, Blames Attitude Toward Affair"

Wow, some people really hold a grudge, don't they?

KSAT-12 reports on this strange case of a woman who just couldn't let her husband's bad feelings go unchallenged. About her affair.

SAN ANTONIO -- Angry over an extramarital affair 30 years ago, police said a 78-year-old woman stabbed her 79-year-old husband while he slept early Tuesday on the city's southeast side.

But police said it wasn't the husband, Marvin Meyer, who had the extramarital affair. It was his wife, Mary Meyer, who admitted to detectives that she didn't like the fact that her husband resented her because of her affair.

Mary Meyer also claimed that her husband was trying to steal her inheritance money, police said.

Marvin Meyer was stabbed three times in the neck inside the couple's mobile home in the 3500 Block of Goliad Road. He was transported to Brooke Army Medical Center in stable condition.

It seems odd that someone would harbor ill feelings this long and then suddenly act on them. I wonder if this tidbit has anything to do with the reason why the woman snapped.
The neighbors also told KSAT News that Mary Meyer may have been on some new medication and that may be the reason she attacked her husband.

Anyone smell a lawsuit?

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Kels said...

lol This puts new meaning to when my two married friends are playfully bantering and it ends with my best gal pal telling her hubby "I'll stab you... I'll stab you in your SLEEP!!!" through gritted teeth... ;) lol crazy!

PS-And NO she is not the 78 year old woman in this article!