Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"High Water Bill Shocks SAWS User"

Wow, this is an eye-opener.

From KSAT-12:

SAN ANTONIO -- A local woman is at odds with a utility company over a bill she received stating she used more than five times the standard household average for residential users.

Connie Sepulveda said her bill from the San Antonio Water System normally hovers around $65 per month, but her May bill showed her household used more than 60,000 gallons of water. What's strange, she said, is her June bill was normal, but her July bill jumped another 20,000 gallons, resulting in a bill of nearly $700.

Check your bills closely.


AlanDP said...

Must be a slow news day. This happens sometimes. Someone will just go out and double-check her meter and correct the bill. End of story.

Sometimes meters are read wrong. Sometimes there's a leak somewhere that the customer doesn't know about. But it's definitely not news-worthy.

Dave said...

Yep - we got a similar thing, not with water but with CPS. Years ago we opted for that program where they average your bills over the period of the year so you can have a more consistent bill every month, summer or winter. But at some point in time, someone is going to actually come out and really read the meter. When it hit us, it just so happened that our A/C had been malfunctioning for months and we were just too stupid to know it.

So, on top of needing to pay about $2,200 to get my CPS bill even (and of course, cancel that program), I had to buy a new A/C unit.

Good times.

Kels said...

I offer yet another possible twist... a few years back we all of a sudden got a much higher water bill... turns out that one of the pipes had had a small hairline crack and then it for whatever reason busted open more. The result? A high water bill... once it was fixed (by Aramendia, of course... darn their stupid commericals) our bill was even lower than previous because there was no hairline crack... :) She should probably have a plummer come out and check her pipes... (That's what SHE said...!)

Albatross said...

I should start a new label for unworthy news items.

Unknown said...

I have it on good authority that this lady is crazy and a chronic complainer.