Sunday, July 06, 2008

"Police Call Woman's Death Suspicious"

This is a strange crime scene.

WOAI-TV reports:

Officers were called to a home near the intersection of Brook Hollow and Oakshire, on the far north side, for a possible overdose. But police aren't sure if that's really how the woman really died.

Police say it all started when the woman's husband ran to his next door neighbor's home. The man was bleeding, and claimed his wife had overdosed.

Police say the neighbor ran inside and called 911. But when he went back outside, the woman's husband was gone. The neighbor then went next door, that's where he found Brenda Miller, 27, dead inside.

Police say she didn't have any apparent wounds on her body, but the scene inside was suspicious. Miller was found in the living room, but it had been flooded with a water hose. There was blood all over the house. Police say it looked like there had been a struggle.

The husband came back, but it's not clear what, if anything, the police have done with him yet.

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Anonymous said...

Her husband returned home after getting his father from 2 blocks away. The room was flooded because Ms. Miller was seizing and her body had become so hot her husband did not know how to cool her down, he sprayed her with the hose. The blood was due to hemoraging. Although the media nicely misrepresented what happened here it is none the less a huge tragedy and a great loss especially to those who knew and loved Brenda.