Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baring most of it

What would you think if your newly hired carpenter showed up to work on your house wearing only a bikini bathing suit? That normally doesn't happen, but that's just what 52-year-old Gary Duncan does.

Karisa King at the Express-News has the story.

Gary Duncan hides almost nothing about himself. Quite literally.

Most days, his modesty amounts to little more than a nylon and Lycra man-bikini stretched across his nether region.

For several years now, whether working at a job site as a master carpenter, cycling through downtown or grabbing lunch at a sandwich shop, this is how Duncan faces the world. More recently, he has become a human landmark at the city's First Friday art shows, where he rides through the crowds and passes out carnations that match the color of his bikini.

And here's the slide show, because you know you want to look.


Dave said...

Yes, I watched the show. The entire show.

Seems harmless. Except for the apparent over-interest that kid in the striped shirt seemed to have in Bikini guy. No doubt, future couch time there.

But in my mind, this guy is just having fun and the people who hire him are good sports.

Let's just hope he doesn't show up at a car wash near the Cibrian District or some other prudefest.

Albatross said...

Yeah, next thing you know, there's going to be some rewrite of the city charter to prevent anyone from doing any kind of work unless they are wearing a ghillie suit.

I exaggerate about our council prigs, but not by much.

Jaywalker said...

I think he's cool.

He sounds similar to that Leslie guy from Austin. Except I think Leslie is homeless.

Kels said...

I wanted to watch it (Mainly because I picture this guy in a Borat swimsuit and I have to wipe that image out of my head...) but everytime I click on the link the site says there's an error... :(

And incidentally, I've always wanted to try on a ghillie suit... mainly because it makes me think of Swamp Thing and I think I could make a ghillie suit into a semi-cool Halloween costume (that's my favorite holiday, FYI)

Albatross said...

Apparently between the time I posted this last night and sometime this morning, went live with a new layout, and that messed up previous links. Hopefully I can find a good link, and then I will repost it.