Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Giving thanks for glass

The other day, I noticed a strange smudge on one of my windows.

I thought I could tell what it was, and, viewing it from another angle, I confirmed my suspicion.

There was even a tell-tale clue on the glass.

Do you know what it is yet?

Here's some help. (Please pardon my amateurish photo manipulation.)

Yep. That's the imprint of a dove crash. That bird hit the window so hard it left one of its feathers behind (marked by the arrow below).

Thank God for glass. If all of our windows were open, can you imagine how many birds would be flying around in our houses right now?!


Kels said...

lol There have been a LOT of times I have heard a THUD at a window or door... I always just figure it's a bird... especially after watching how stupid the barn swallows at my apt. were. They used to wake me up every morning at about 5am with all their chatter... I finally got a rubber snake and hung it on my balcony and VOILA! No more barn swallows...! :)

And remember, I'm terrified of birds... so them running into windows or being scared off by a snake doesn't make me feel badly at all!

Albatross said...

And be grateful for glass!