Monday, February 05, 2007

"SA Named Stingiest City in America"

San Antonio? Stingiest? Most miserly? Least charitable?

Nah. I don't buy it.

According to a new survey by the makers of TurboTax, people in San Antonio give the least amount of money to charities. On average, San Antonians donate $717 a year. People in Houston and Dallas donate more than a $1,000 each year.

TurboTax. Now there's a reliable polling firm.

Seriously, though, the only thing this survey reflects is what people are willing to admit on their tax forms.

Claiming the top spot on America's Stingiest City list is San Antonio where residents donated far less to their favorite charities, doling out on average just over $700 per resident, as reported on Schedule A of the federal 1040 tax form.

I'm willing to bet that people in my home city are much more generous with their money for the real reasons, i.e., they give to charity because it is the right thing to do, not to get a tax break.

But, we all know it's ultimately just a sales pitch.
The residents of Salt Lake City know that giving to charity not only helps others but it also helps cut their tax bill. Charitable contributions, both cash and donated items, are among the more than 350 possible deductions and credits included in TurboTax Deluxe Deduction Maximizer. TurboTax is the most trusted tax software package, helping millions of Americans year after year prepare and file their taxes with confidence — no matter which city they live in.

Gee, thanks for offering to keep track of our charitable givings. But, you already pissed me off with the "America's Stingiest City" comment.

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