Monday, February 26, 2007

Just another odd mayor's race V

R.G. Griffing, one of the contenders for the mayor's seat in San Antonio, finds it difficult to take on city hall ("Hardberger's Office Blacklists RG Griffing").

Mayor Hardberger's Communications Gatekeeper, JJ Saulino, lost his temper and possibly his mind last week when he decided to blacklist the San Antonio Lightning from City Hall.

RG Griffing, editor and publisher of the Lightning, is currently running against Hardberger in the Mayoral Joust. ...

Saulino refused to comment on the pictures, or to identify the staffer involved. He went further to say that since Griffing is running for Mayor, Saulino's office will no longer respond to questions from the Lightning.

"You can't be in the media AND run for political office," Griffing quotes Saulino as saying.

Actually, you can. It's squishy ground, though.

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