Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Alamo -- in musical form!

Aaaahh God! Singing at the Alamo!

I don't care for musicals, and I think they are especially lame when they deal with serious subject matter (anyone remember Cop Rock?). So, you can imagine what I think about the worthiness of combining musical theater with the Battle of the Alamo.

And the musical is showing here, in San Antonio.

March 2, 1836 heralded the birth of the Republic of Texas and this year, THE CHURCH THEATRE commemorates the day with the opening of “GONE TO TEXAS, THE MUSICAL”, the award-winning production dramatized by San Antonio composer Tom Masinter, Austin playwright Steve Warren and New York producer-lyricist June Rachelson-Ospa.

Led by an all-star cast and directed by five-time Globe winner Diane Malone, the famous struggle for power and honor is chronicled in a new script with never before heard songs about the legendary men, wives, and families who fought at the Alamo during the 13 day siege that defined Texas history.

I wish the production luck. Really, I do. I like to see smaller ventures succeed, especially music-oriented ones, and I like to see San Antonio and our history promoted in positive ways. Just because I have no plans of seeing "Gone to Texas, the Musical" doesn't mean you shouldn't, if you happen to like musicals. I don't. Which is why, when contemplating this one, I can just barely muster this: Aaaahh God!

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