Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cooking out inside: not a good idea

Grills and barbeque pits are meant to be used outside. Here's an example of what can happen if you don't heed such advice.


SAN ANTONIO -- A mother and daughter were injured in a fire that started after they tried to cook with an open barbeque pit in their home, authorities said.

"It appears they were cooking inside the house with briquets cooking with charcoal inside the house," District Fire Chief Chris Varelas said. ...

One of the victims managed to run out of their back door carrying the barbeque pit that had caught fire, a neighbor said.

She tossed the pit outside, but caught fire, a neighbor said. ...

The 59-year-old daughter suffered from smoke inhalation and burns.

Her mother suffered burns from the waist up.

I hope the ladies recover from this accident, and I hope everyone else keeps their grills outside.

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