Thursday, February 08, 2007

A burning pile of mulch XI

Out of concern for the Edwards Aquifer -- San Antonio's primary source of drinking water -- the San Antonio Water System is prepared to take legal action to prevent anyone from dousing the burning mulch pile in Helotes.


SAN ANTONIO -- The board of the San Antonio Water System on Thursday unanimously approved a resolution that authorizes lawyers to seek a temporary restraining order that would prevent water from being poured directly onto a huge pile of burning mulch in Helotes. ...

During an emergency board meeting, board chairman Alex Briseno said the SAWS must be prepared to go to court in order to stop firefighters from "screwing up our water." ...

SAWS staff member Steve Clouse said the utility wants to help pursue other way[s] to fight the stubborn fire that has been smoldering since Christmas Day.

"Our intent is to look for equipment or methods that can move the material off of the pile, put it into the clay-lined pits and then extinguish it," Clouse said.

Work has already begun to build clay-lined pits around the fire, which has not been battled for nearly two weeks after water contamination was discovered in two private water wells. ...

Clouse added that SAWS officials will meet with representatives from the Texas Commission On Environmental Quality, possibly as early as Thursday afternoon, to map out a plan of action. [emphases added]

Man, if leadership was ever needed to cut through bureaucratic bickering, it's needed here.

UPDATE: More from the Express-News.

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