Thursday, February 01, 2007

A burning pile of mulch IX

Somehow, this doesn't surprise me: "Helotes Mulch Fire May Ignite Lawsuit"

Dozens of Helotes residents who live near the mulch fire met with a Houston-based law firm Wednesday night to discuss their legal options.

Resident[s] said they want those responsible for the mess to pay for their expenses.

No lawsuits have been filed.

Yet. But they want to go after the owner of the pile.

I still haven't seen anything that pins down the cause of this fire, but, if the cause is accidental or the result of arson, and if the owner has truly been following state guidelines for the past 15 years in the maintenance of his huge pile of mulch, it hardly seems fair to sue him. Perhaps the state regulations need to be changed, but it seems a bit mean to go after the man if he truly has been doing his best to ameliorate the situation.

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