Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Duck dilemma dogs development"

If you lived in a neighborhood with too many ducks, would you treat them like your children?

From the Express-News Neighbors section:

El Dorado, a Northeast Side neighborhood between Nacogdoches and O'Connor roads, has around 70 ducks at its two ponds — 20 to 30 more than normal, according to Ann Caldwell and Linda Sarsfield, whose yards back up to the ponds.

The self-described wildlife lovers have become surrogate mothers to the brace of ducks (called a flock of ducks in flight and a raft of ducks on water).

"Ducks make a contribution by controlling snakes, mosquitoes and other undesirable things around a pond," Caldwell said. [emphasis added]

For those neighbors who aren't so surrogate-mother-minded, though, there's always a way to control the duck population.

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