Thursday, February 08, 2007

Just another odd mayor's race III

In previous posts, I have drawn attention to R.G. Griffing's quixotic quest to become mayor of San Antonio, including his strange approach to winning the voters over: "You people make me sick!"

Now Griffing seems to be out of the running because he missed a filing deadline. And he blames the city -- and perhaps even the current mayor, Phil Hardberger -- for cutting him from the race.

San Antonio City Clerk Leticia Vacek has admitted that City computer problems pervented Mayoral Candidate RG Griffing from filing required financial records on the proper due date in January, however she refused to allow an extension of the filing deadline beyond January 18th, even though she acknowledges the glitch was not fixed until the next week.

When asked directly if she had been influenced in her decision by any City officials, including Mayor Hardberger, she refused all comment. ...

Griffing's maverick campaign has been encountering problems with others in the inbred SA establishment, including the Express-News which refused to accept his political advertising on the grounds that it was not in their "best interest," according to E-N spokesperson Cheryl Cantu.

"Inbred". That's endearing.

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