Monday, September 14, 2009

"Scantily clad dancers raise eyebrows, complaints on River Walk"

Quick, someone call Diane Cibrian! There is sexiness that must be stamped out!
SAN ANTONIO -- There's a new club on the River Walk but some say the dancers there are more like strippers.

News 4 WOAI got a hold of cell-phone video showing what the dancers are wearing and we asked the club about it.

The club we're talking about is Acapulco Sam’s. [Great plug! --ed.] It’s above Joe's Crab Shack on the River Walk.

The person who gave us the cell-phone video says the girls are dancing on a balcony over there and anyone walking by can see what's going on. That includes children who might be outside with their parents.

The video’s a little shaky, but a restaurant worker nearby says the girls are wearing G-strings and very little else to cover themselves up.

The club’s management told News 4 WOAI on the phone Monday, it won't continue dancing like this [The publicity has done been got. --ed.] but stressed it is not doing anything illegal and the girls are wearing mini skirts and shorts.
(from WOAI-TV)

Call the media! Call the politicians! We must keep scantily-clad women away from the children! Think of the children and call ---- Oh, wait, Cibrian isn't councilwoman of the downtown district, is she?

Oh, wait, she's not even on City Council anymore.

Never mind.


Sabra said...

Y'know, my initial thought was exactly that. I'm certain she can continue her crusade against...whatever the heck her problem is...even now.

libraaztec said...

grr. yes please keep at least dirty people away from my kids. haha ^^

Dave said...

It is an entertaining thought to imagine just how Cibrian will get herself back on the San Antonio radar. Council member or not, you'd think News4 would have at least offered her a telestrator to draw little electronic pasties on the shaky footage of dancing girls. Missed opportunity.

Surely there will be another taco place with scantily clad waitresses or a bikini carwash opening for her to show up at.

Sabra said...

Dave, man, I'm rolling over here. Electronic pasties.

Well, if Cibrian wants to get back into the public eye, she can come over to SAC and take a gander at what some of the girls wear to school. Those dancers have nothin' on the co-eds I see 4 days a week.