Thursday, September 03, 2009

Scammed by "psychics"

Anytime someone claims to be able to read the future while demanding large sums of money from you, I don't think you will be too far off base if you assume it is a scam.

But, if the "psychic" who is offering to fix all of your problems for a fee demands to be paid in home-improvement bucks, then you can rest assured that you are staring into the face of a bona fide, genuine, true, and authentic scammer.
Stopping by a Psychic Reader business, like the one off Walzem near I-35, could be just for fun or a real search for answers. The woman who sent us this e-mail was a believer. She spoke with someone called "Master Love" who, she says, conned her out of $1,800. She says even after she stopped visiting the alleged psychic she is still getting calls from someone saying they're trying to protect her. But the only way they can protect her is if she sends gift cards worth $400 from Home Depot.
(from WOAI-TV)

Does it get more San Antonio than that?

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Dave said...

Everyone knows that a real psychic" would have requested gift cards from Taco Cabana.