Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gettin' bit at the concert

When you go to a concert, perhaps it's best to check around and make sure you're not standing next to Mike Tyson.
Greg Drain said he was at a concert Saturday evening when a man bumped into his wife repeatedly. Drain said he stood between the man and his wife to protect her when he was accosted and punched in the face by two different men.

"I landed on my right side and he jumps on my back and bites my ear," Drain said. "I didn't realize that he bit it off. I was just laying on the ground trying to hit him off of me."

Doctors were able to re-attach Drain's ear, but he has been told part of the ear will be lost.
(from KSAT-12)

Seriously. Don't party near Mike Tyson. He's crazy enough to chomp on Evander Holyfield, so he's definitely not afraid to take a bite out of you.


Dave said...

Wow. This happened at a concert? I thought this type of thing only happened at Fiesta, course, there was no mention of beer being spilled all over anyone.

Unknown said...

It was actually the 2009 Margarita Pour-Off at Sunken Gardens Theatre, during the Papa Wood concert that took place afterwards.