Tuesday, September 08, 2009

"Mayor, superintendent knock on doors to find high school dropouts"

I can't quite tell if this is laughable or laudable.

A personal visit from the mayor and superintendent got lots of attention Tuesday morning. Many people opened thir [sic] door to this greeting.

"Hello sir..[sic]I'm Julian Castro, mayor of San Antonio. We're here as Reach Out to Dropouts volunteers."

At one home, they were looking for 17-year-old Yvonne.

"We're looking for Yvonne to hopefully get her back in school," the mayor said.

Yvonne's grandfather explained that she had moved and was enrolled in another school, but just down the street, when the mayor asked for a student named Ruby, her uncle answered.

"She just took off. Right now she's working and we're trying to get her to get her GED."

The mayor and SAISD Superintendent Robert Duron told him they could help her.

(from KENS-5)

Kids, go to school. Or the mayor will be knocking on your door. It could happen.

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