Tuesday, September 22, 2009

But what about all those Chinese food restaurants?

Our mayor hopes to get the attention of the Chinese. For some reason.

“Our challenge in this global economy is to create the brainpower in this community to not only compete against Austin or San Francisco or Denver or Phoenix, but to compete against Beijing, China and Mexico City,” [Mayor Julián] Castro said to an audience of about 200 people, including students from the University of the Incarnate Word and three local high schools.

Castro emphasized two key platforms over the next year to spread the international word about San Antonio: the World Expo Shanghai, for which Castro's old friend José Villarreal will serve as commissioner general of the United States exhibit, and next year's 200th anniversary of Mexican independence.

Citing the growing economic power of China, he expressed the hope that Villarreal “will whisper in the right ear for our city, because (the Chinese) know about Texas, but they don't know yet about San Antonio — and we can teach them.”

(from the Express-News)

Really? The Chinese don't know about San Antonio? That may come as a surprise to a company called GrassRoots, as reported by the San Antonio Business-Journal:

GrassRoots is utilizing Port San Antonio’s new intermodal system for the China-Lazaro Cardenas-San Antonio corridor. This corridor is served in Mexico by LIT Comercio Internacional, a logistics company based in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and in China by H&T International, a logistics company based in Hong Kong. LIT and H&T are both Port San Antonio’s partners in the transportation corridor.

“We are excited for GrassRoots Imports,” says Jorge Canavati, vice president of business development for Port San Antonio. “We have been working with this company for over two years on this project. Our efforts are now bearing fruit. The Lázaro Cardenas-San Antonio corridor is proving to be a good niche for small and medium-sized shippers and receivers in San Antonio and our region. This is globalization at its finest.”

Or the Greater San Antonio Chinese Chamber of Commerce:
The Business China Roundtable will provide you with an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who will share their knowledge and first-hand experience on how to do business in the Chinese market. Organized by the International Trade Center in collaboration with the UTSA East Asia Institute and the Greater San Antonio Chinese Chamber of Commerce, this roundtable will be conducted in an informal and open setting.

Or even the Filipinos in Zambales:
San Antonio borders on the South China Sea.

Oh, I think the Chinese know about us, Mayor. They really do.

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